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Radius PVC J-Channel

J-channels are now widely used with many different types of siding.  There is
always a problem though with how to wrap arch top openings with a proper bending J-channel.
While our J-channel is not a user bendable J-channel it is made to match your curved shape.

At B.H. Davis Company we can produce custom curved J-channels for most
any shape curved door, window or other opening.

In the photos below you will see one of our PVC J-channel half round exterior mouldings.
This particular half round moulding has a J-channel to receive siding on the
outside of the curve and a 1/8" x 1 1/2" recess on the back inside of the
curve to accomodate a window nailing flange.  This nailing flange recess
allows the PVC half round moulding to sit flush on the building sheathing.

Contact us for pricing on making a custom PVC or wood J-channel molding for your installation.

pvc Azek Kleer molding arch top J channel

Close up view of the J-channel recess (right side) and nailing flange recess (on the left).
Both of these details can be specifically sized to meet your installation needs.

pvc Azek Kleer molding bent J channel           

J-channel exterior half round PVC window trim.

Azek J-channel

Flashing suggestion for curved PVC J-Channel

Full round PVC J-channel moulding

Here is one of our full round PVC J-Channel mouldings
installed on a home with vinyl siding.

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