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One of a Kind Wood or PVC Custom Made Keyblocks

8" Wide x 11" Tall x 3 1/2" deep at the top
custom carved PVC keyblocks.

reeded key block                      PVC custom keyblock
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6" Tall Paint Grade Poplar Tapered Face and Edges Key Blocks

Tapered popllar keyblock
                Tapered poplar key block    

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Flat Faced Tapered Edge Solid PVC Key Block

Flat faced tapered PVC key block

At B.H. Davis Company we can produce
most custom designed and sized keyblocks
for use on your entry, window or other
pediment head architectural component.
We will work with any available wood
species or even PVC as seen in
the above photo.

Each key block is made to exactly
match the design supplied by you, your
designer or architect.  We can even send you
3D images of the final keyblock for
approval prior to production.

Often referred to as key stones (keystones) these
architectural compents sit at the top center of door
and window pediment heads to simulate the top
center stone (the key) that locked stone
archways of old in place.

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