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Corbels and Brackets

At B.H. Davis Company we also use our CNC equipment
to build highly detailed custom made corbels and brackets.

We can construct most any shape and size corbel in nearly any
wood species required........as well as in PVC and MDF.

We can work from photos and/or sketches of existing
corbels for reproduction and historical restoration or
directly from architectural drawings when supplied.

These are a few of a larger group of reproduction Victorian corbels
we made for restoration work on a building in Woodstock, CT.
Made in upper/lower sections that were brought together
during the construction process they are accurate reproductions
of the original corbels on the building.  Our thought out reverse grain
direction construction on the lower section will allow these to last for generations to come.

reproduction victorian corbels      reproduction victorian corbel

Custom Made Mahogany Corbels.

mahogany corbels

The outer two corbels are reproductions
to replaced time damaged building details.

The center corbel was made from an architecrt's drawings.

Maple Corbels

Maple bracket
Maple corble close up

This is one of a pair of solid maple corbels that were used
as end supports on an intricate kitchen range hood system.
They are 21" x 21" x 4" thick.

PVC Corbels

PVC Corbel

Custom made PVC Corbels made to match customer specifications.

Bar front corbels

The architects design for this particular bar called
for corbels placed every 12" on center.  The tops
of these decorative support brackets holds up
the front edge of the bar top.

Bar front corbels

Maple corbels with a light stain.

Bar front corbels

Maple corbels and bar top front face.

Bar front corbels

Completed bar system with maple corbles and rail
edges.  Natural unstained maple is used for
the top surface of the bar.

Mahogany corbels

Corbels and brackets                     Corbels and brackets 

These mahogany corbels were used in an application
similar to the one shown on the bar above.

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